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FLAC To MP3 Converter is short for Free Lossless Audio Codec which is famous and popular for its lossless compression. It‘s different from other Codec such as MP3 or AAC, FLAC will never destroy any original audio information. Therefore, it can restore the music from CD of great quality.
FLV Player is fully compatible with various operation systems, such as windows, BeOS, OS/2, Amiga, etc.
With FLV Player, you can have a powerful converter. Any formats, if you like, you can just click your mouse, then you can get mp3, wma, wav, etc. You can also use FLV to rip cds to the format you need. 29 formats (wma, mp3, ogg, mp2, wmv, mpc…) can be converted here to 5 formats (wma, mp3, ogg, wv, wav). Of course, the batch converter can be realized here too. You can go to get a cup of coffee and have a rest somewhere, when you come back, all are done for you.
Another outstanding characteristic for FLV is extract audio from video. If you have a video file and you like it so much and just want it to be converted to be an mp3 or some kind of format to be easy for your listening. Then, it’s your best choice. You just need to add the file into the list and extract to the selected format. That’s done. Besides, the “windows service” function is very convenient for you to index any audio or video files. When you convert a file, just enter the name of the file and get the files with the same name. When the files or folders are removed or copied, the index will be automatically changed under the help of this function “windows service”.
Another amazing function is the voice recorder. You can record from any input devices. And then you can add the recorded file to the convert list.
It’s a very easy to operate even you don’t have much computer knowledge. You just need to know how to use mouse and then you can enjoy powerful performance from this FLV Player.